Pregnancy Care

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As your body changes with pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to experience lower back pain. At Inspire Chiropractic in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, Ariana Brosco Coletti, DC, offers personalized pregnancy care. Dr. Brosco-Coletti is a board-certified chiropractor and holds certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the Webster Technique, a special chiropractic assessment and adjustment process designed specifically for pregnant women. Call Inspire Chiropractic or schedule a consultation online today to learn how chiropractic pregnancy care can help you stay comfortable and healthy.

Pregnancy Care

Why would I need to see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

You go through several physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy as your body changes to accommodate the life growing inside it. These changes can affect your posture as well as the position of your spine and pelvis, which can cause pain and make some movements uncomfortable. Additionally, pelvic imbalances during pregnancy can reduce the amount of room available for your baby.

Chiropractic pregnancy care can help relieve pain and correct the alignment of your spine as you progress through pregnancy. Dr. Brosco Coletti has specialized training to treat pregnant women and uses techniques, like the Webster Technique, and equipment that can adjust to avoid putting pressure on your abdomen. 

Additionally, Dr. Brosco Coletti takes a holistic view of your health. She can offer advice and recommend other complementary therapies to keep you healthy, relaxed, and comfortable while you wait for the arrival of your baby. 

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specialized chiropractic approach to sacral analysis and diversified adjustments. As your body changes to accommodate your pregnancy, it can cause alignment issues in your pelvis and sacroiliac joint, which contribute to your risk of back pain. 

The Webster Technique can improve the biomechanics of your pelvis and make your labor and delivery more comfortable. 

Is chiropractic pregnancy care safe?

When you receive adjustments from a licensed, experienced chiropractor like Dr. Brosco Coletti, chiropractic pregnancy care is safe. While all chiropractors are trained to treat pregnant women during their education, Dr. Brosco Coletti has completed additional training and certification to provide the best possible care to her patients. 

Chiropractic pregnancy care isn’t just safe; it also provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing back, neck, and joint pain
  • Controlling nausea symptoms
  • Potentially reducing labor and delivery time
  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy overall

Chiropractic pregnancy care might not be right for you if you’ve had vaginal bleeding, placental abruption, or moderate to severe toxemia. Make sure to let Dr. Brosco Coletti know about any health issues you had before and during pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant and either want to relieve or prevent pain, call Inspire Chiropractic to make an appointment online today to find out how Dr. Brosco Coletti can help.